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Farm To Fork Chicken

We typically start our broiler meat chickens at the beginning of April ready to pick up late June

These birds are let outside when they become fully feathered to roam around the barn yard.

"Your chickens are as tasty as they are friendly." - Quote Grace Smith 2018

Price is $3.30 per lb for Whole Birds

If different cuts are preferred addition processing costs will apply see below

If you are interested drop us an email and be included in the Chicken Lovers Email List

1/2 Piece Cut
+$1.10 per bird


The 1/2 piece cut is simply that

Boneless Skinless Breast Cut, +$1.75 to $2.00 per bird, Depends on weight

Boneless skinless breast cut results in 2 breast pieces, 4 wing pieces, 2 drums, 2 thighs and the carcass.  

Tip: Groups of 2 cut-up birds simplify your orders.
Standard Packaging would apply with 1 breast/pkg, 2 drums/pkg, 2 thighs/pkg, 8 wing pieces/pkg, and 2 carcasses/pkg

Flat Cut

+$1.20 per bird

Flat cut is a split down the back so the chicken can be flattened in your roaster or on grill for infusing all the heat and flavours into the bird.

Bone-in Breast Split Cut, +$1.75 to $2.00 per bird, Depends on weight

The bone-in split cut option leaves the breast meat with the bone-in and skin on. Legs and wings are split.  

Tip: Groups of 2 cut-up birds simplify orders.

Bone-in, split-cut sample packaging.

6 Piece Cut, +$1.45 to $2.00 per bird, Depends on weight

The 6 piece cut features a whole bone-in breast, whole legs, whole wings and back. The breast, legs and wings are packaged in one clipped bag, with the back/neck bagged separate.  The 6 piece cut packaged. With multiple cut up birds, backs are bagged 2/bag

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